PUPP begins each summer institute with a 2-day leadership and community building retreat at the Princeton Blairstown Center (PBC). While at PBC, the newest cohort of PUPP Scholars are able to build important social connections. Rising juniors and seniors reconnect with their peers and prepare for the challenging tasks. Scholars are divided into small groups and guided through a range of adventure-based activities in a wilderness setting that establishes and nurtures scholars’ problem-solving, teamwork and leadership skills. PBC provides a space away from the distractions and a daily routine provided by their everyday physical, emotional, and social environments. The retreat allows PUPP Scholars to tap into their respective potential and capabilities and build a close-knit and supportive environment with one another.

Below we have a series of photos showing scholars throughout the years performing all sorts of activities that challenge them to step outside of their comfort zones while also developing their team building, communication and leadership skills.