PUPP Scholars engage with a hands-on, inquiry-based science curriculum in the laboratories of Princeton University during the PUPP Summer Institute as rising sophomores and rising seniors. Using the scientific method as a guide, scholars explore real-life scientific questions and work through experimental laboratory science in a range of scientific fields. Scholars have opportunities to design and implement their own research projects in the context of each summer’s curricular focus. By experiencing research firsthand, scholars deepen their understanding of the scientific method and of the challenges facing scientists in both the laboratory setting and the real world. A holistic focus on honest data reporting and scientific writing improves scholars’ communication skills and helps lay a foundation of scientific literacy. Each summer wraps up with a “Research Symposium” where scholars present their work to the broader community.


PUPP Mathematics offers students a dynamic experience in Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Financial Literacy while preparing them for the rigor of college-level mathematics and life after high school. Students collaborate in groups to solve problems, work on enrichment projects, have mathematical conversations, and explain their work to one another by giving oral presentations.

The photo gallery below features our scholars engaging in class activities, and discussions as well as focusing on conducting  scientific research and experiments and complex mathematical problems.