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The Princeton University Preparatory Program is a highly engaged, holistic college preparation and success program that fosters development of students who have been historically marginalized. Our multi-year, tuition-free program prepares participants for admission to and success within selective colleges and universities, and beyond.

PUPP is committed to providing a nurturing environment and a program that enhances talents, supports academic growth, and broadens cross-cultural awareness.  We help our scholars to be successful in their highest attainable and most compatible choices for post-secondary education and beyond.



“PUPP has influenced every part of my life. More than ten years later, I still rely on PUPP to stir the belief in my heart that I can not only envision a life for myself that is self-directed and virtuous, but also, craft it for myself.”

Jennifer DeSantis
Ewing High School ’04,
Vassar College ’08,
Stanford University MEd ’13

“If it weren’t for the relationships I made in the program, I would have never known about a place like Bryn Mawr or discovered my passion in education. PUPP provided me with the tools and support I needed to get to where I am today.”

Leslie Castrejon
Princeton High School ’11,
Bryn Mawr College ’15

“PUPP has opened doors for me that I didn’t believe existed. The program has helped me redefine my future with a strong feeling of hope and confidence. I am forever grateful for the people in the community.”

Cristian Leiva
Trenton Central High School ’19,
Rice University ’23

“PUPP has transformed me from a student into a well-rounded scholar. It has given me the opportunity to go beyond my own potential. PUPP has given me a new sense of life and future.”

Arthur Tartee Jr.
Trenton High School West ’13,
University of Richmond ’17

“PUPP provided me with an excellent opportunity to make lasting friendships and allowed me to push myself. We’re all low income, high achieving students but they showed us what is most important is our will to pursue a higher education. I’m blessed to have been given this opportunity which influences my current efforts of becoming a college graduate.”

Vanessa Conde
Lawrence High School ’15,
Stockton University ’19

“I am so grateful for the resources and help PUPP has provided me for the past three years. If I could repeat the process again, I would. I wish every motivated, low-income high-achieving student had the opportunity to be in a program like PUPP.”

Betsy Vasquez
Nottingham High School ’16,
Princeton University ’20



PUPP Scholars display positive conduct and operate with academic integrity at all time. They work diligently and at an exemplary level, participate fully in each class throughout their high school careers.

in thinking critically and creatively about course content.


in the areas of writing, literature, science, mathematics and cultural arts.


that is informed by readings, discussions and life experience.


and strong communication skills along with a respect for diversity.

 The Princeton University Preparatory Program Class of 2019

“Through PUPP’s inspiring classes and mentorship, Princeton University helps high-achieving students from low-income backgrounds gain greater access to a college education—and to a brighter future.”

Christopher L. Eisgruber
President, Princeton University

According to a comprehensive evaluation of PUPP completed by ETS in 2016, PUPP alumni report that the program helped them reach their college-going goals by improving their self-confidence, quality of life and outlook. Furthermore, alumni have said that PUPP helped prepare them academically while also improving their writing, critical thinking, problem-solving and research skills.


the year PUPP was founded


the percentage of alumni who have persisted in college, either completing a degree in 4-6 years or holding good-standing in their college or university


the amount secured in Financial Aid by the Class of 2023 over 4 years
PUPP Director casually speaking with a scholar during science class

Director’s Note – Winter 2021

February 2021   Friends, We all know how challenging the COVID–19 pandemic has been on the scholars and communities that we serve. Throughout these times, PUPP has remained steadfast in our commitment to nurturing and supporting PUPP Scholars, their families and our alumni. PUPP has been operating remotely since mid-March [...]

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