PBC Retreat

PUPP begins each summer institute with a 2-day leadership and community building retreat at the Princeton Blairstown Center (PBC). While at PBC, the newest cohort of PUPP Scholars are able to build important social connections. Rising juniors and seniors reconnect with their peers and prepare for the challenging tasks. Scholars are divided into small [...]

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Research Symposium

Toward the end of each summer institute, scholars participate in the Research Symposium, presenting research posters that highlight their work in science and sociology. The symposium features poster sessions and presentations. Our photo gallery below features scholars presenting their science and sociology projects to their peers, PUPP Faculty & Staff and the greater Princeton [...]

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Yoga & Personal Development

Each new cohort of PUPP Scholars participates in a Personal Development course during their first summer institute. The course helps scholars understand their individual strengths and areas for development, and helps them develop leadership skills and build community. Every summer, PUPP Scholars participate in a 4-part yoga class that introduces them to both the [...]

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Art is an essential component of the PUPP Summer Institute and is deeply connected to both each summer’s broader theme and PUPP’s goal of developing cultural capital among scholars.  The PUPP Art Studio course allows scholars to make art in a safe and supportive studio environment.  The course introduces scholars to the materials, techniques, [...]

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Writing, Literature & Sociology

Writing While writing happens across the PUPP curriculum in the summer and throughout the school year, the Summer Institute writing courses are designed to develop specific writing skills and strategies. During their rising sophomore summer, scholars focus on the mechanics of good writing while developing persuasive and analytical essays using evidence. In their final (rising [...]

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Science and Math

SCIENCE PUPP Scholars engage with a hands-on, inquiry-based science curriculum in the laboratories of Princeton University during the PUPP Summer Institute as rising sophomores and rising seniors. Using the scientific method as a guide, scholars explore real-life scientific questions and work through experimental laboratory science in a range of scientific fields. Scholars have opportunities [...]

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